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The Innkeepers at Hillsdale House Inn - Val and Paul StackhouseInnkeepers Val and Paul Stackhouse purchased the Hillsdale House Inn in May 2006, making them the 9th owners of the property since it was built in 1859.

Paul has called Nova Scotia home for almost his entire life. He has a career in the hospitality industry that spans more than 35 years. After graduating from university in Halifax he continued a path in the hotel industry spanning 27 years that eventually led to his holding General Manager positions in several large hotels.

Val grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and spent most of her life on the prairies before moving to Annapolis Royal in 2001. Becoming an innkeeper was an entirely new experience after a career in banking and information technology.

Val and Paul both share the feeling that operating a large inn is a wonderful and gratifying experience. It provides a unique opportunity to meet new people every day from all over the world, and to contribute in a meaningful way to ensuring the time that they spend at the inn and in the surrounding community will leave lasting memories.
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